Monetize with Clean, Relevant Advertising

Commit to adopting user-friendly
targeting built with public social data.

  • Show ads from brands your users love

    Your ads will feature famous brand names like Chevrolet, AMCTV, Levi’s, and Disney. We’re selective about who advertises on our network so we can promise a better experience for everyone. (You'll never see “one weird old tip” on a 140 Proof ad.)

  • Earn more revenue with us

    The ad campaigns we sell are high quality, and so are the payouts. 140 Proof ads generate more revenue for developers than the average ad network.

  • Use ad formats that fit your needs

    Choose from multiple possible ad formats: pick one or a combination of mobile banners and rich media ads to suit your needs. Already using another network's solution? There's an ad for that.

  • Support responsible targeting

    140 Proof ads are targeted based on public data, the information that users want others to know about themselves. And targeting based on known interests means relevance and better user acceptance.

  • Enjoy personal support when you need it

    While you can get started now adding 140 Proof code, you'll be able to reach developers quickly for help.