Monetize with Clean, Relevant Advertising

An ad unit for every design,
every website, and every app

Choose an ad format that suits the existing design of your app or website. 140 Proof ads go everywhere that users go online: websites, blogs, smartphone apps, and tablet apps on all major platforms.

140 Proof ads integrate cleanly into your existing flow. And with interest graph targeting, your readers and users will get better quality ads, because the ads are relevant to them.

  • HTML Ad Unit

    HTML ad units come in the IAB-standard sizes 300x250 and 300x50, so you can replace old networks in your app with ease or integrate 140 Proof seamlessly with other networks on your website. 

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  • Native Ad Unit

    140 Proof Native Ads adapt to the exact size of your app, allowing you to match the visual styling of 140 Proof's text-based ads with the text and link styling you already use. You can still show high-value video ads in your app too, by using web views.

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  • Rich Media Ad Unit

    Our rich media ad units work great in iOS apps, expanding to full-screen to display videos and other media (much like Apple's iAd).

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  • Pre-Existing Implementation

    Already using an advertising network solution like AdMarvel? Apps working with other networks are able to monetize with 140 Proof by implementing the HTML ad unit (above).